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Awesome Responses to Fat Shaming

As a plus-sized woman or man, you’re definitely familiar with fat shaming. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is out there, sometimes, it comes with a side of concern or laugher. Either way, there’s no doubt that fat shaming happens everywhere - at home, at college, in school and at your workplace. Maybe not everyone you meet as an adult bullies you like in school, but on the other hand, people seem to think they know how you could get in shape, and that they have every right to tell you so, all the time.

You’ve probably had one too many well-meaning uncles or aunts who seem to know “just what diet you should follow”, or that friend who tells you how much prettier an outfit might look on you “only if you were a little thinner”, or the most common of them all - that you have such a pretty face, only if you were to lose some of that weight.

You’re being fat-shamed, and there’s no doubt that it is frustrating and makes you feel horrible about you. You dealt with it through your childhood and teenage years, and have probably worked hard on accepting yourself, but there’s no denying that fat shaming hurts, and almost always deeply affects an overweight person, irrespective of how old, how confident or successful they are.

Sure, you’d like to give them a piece of your mind, but you can’t, so you let it go and continue to let their words make you feel bad, or you get really, really mad, wishing you knew just how to respond to someone fat shaming you.

Below are some awesome responses to fat shaming, so that the next time you’re fat shamed, you can make your point without having to worry about a thing!

Classy but Sassy

This one works like magic for all those vicious, particularly nasty folks who seem to love drawing attention to your body. Most common culprits include store attendants, or customer service people of other kinds. The best thing to do? Make sarcasm your favorite weapon. For example, if they make a comment about how large you are, or how “nothing will fit you”, respond back with a sugary but sassy comment on what lovely service they have and thank them for being so helpful. Not only does it save you from stooping to new lows of impolite behavior, it also leaves them feeling the burn, realizing that you aren’t one to be messed with.

The No-Nonsense Response

This one’s for all the co-workers, all the blind dates, all the people who have absolutely no business telling you what you should be doing ‘to look better’. Politely interrupt their ramble, and tell them you’d prefer if they didn’t give you advice and remind them that your weight is of no consequence to them whatsoever. Stand your ground as you do this - once they realize you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate being spoken to like that, they’ll keep to themselves.

The Witty Comeback

You’ve seen this one being used before. Celebrities have responded to the media and fashion police calling them fat in some truly sassy ways, each response a witty gem. Hell, even Amy Schumer did it when someone likened her to Barbie, by responding with this on her Instagram profile.

The Patient Conversation

Somewhere among those so-called well-wishers who love to drown you in unsolicited weight-loss advice, there might actually be a kind, harmless soul that’s genuinely concerned about you, or wishes well for you. There’s no need to bring out the claws with these people. Maybe they don’t know enough about the struggles of being overweight, or that you’re probably trying really hard to lose weight. Sit them down and explain this to them - maybe it’ll make them reflect on their behaviour. Either way, you’ll be doing a favor, to the person you speak to, or the next fat person they might refrain from trolling.

Downright Badass

This isn’t an exaggeration. Some women, just tired of being fat shamed, decided to take matters into their own hands, admittedly going a bit too far at times. Take for example the case of this one lady from the UK, or a recent example of a girl who showed up at a blind date only to have him exclaim, “I thought you’d be thinner”. The date didn’t end too well - she left after helping herself to a slice of his pizza and spilling his drink into his lap.

Whatever you do, don’t let the person fat shaming you know how much it affects you. But if you do, make sure you tell them in a way they’ll always remember. To that friend who makes fun of you when you can’t walk a few paces without pausing for breath, let him know you’re working out, but it’s taking time, and that he’s doing more harm than good by pointing out your weight. To absolute strangers, don’t forget to call them out for fat-shaming, like these two women did while responding to hate-mail from a stranger.

The Hardest of Them All

And finally, the one fat shamer who you might find a little hard to shut down - that little voice in your head, telling you that you aren’t good-looking, or good enough. That’s the first fat shamer you need to fight, before anyone else. The most awesome response to your own self, when you’re too harsh on yourself? Look at yourself in the mirror, at all the parts that are beautiful, and the ones that you think aren’t and tell yourself you’re fabulous. There’s only so much you’re going to be able to do to shut down haters and trolls without first accepting your own body.

Fat shaming is not cool, no matter who does it and in what tone it is said. As someone who’s been fat shamed, you’re every bit responsible to make sure you do your bit to stop all the hate that’s going around, and one great way to do it, apart from all the other tips, is also to let people see that there’s nothing wrong with being big, and that a plus-size person can be every bit fabulous, only if the world were to let them be.