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Awesome Responses to Fat Shaming

As a plus-sized woman or man, you’re definitely familiar with fat shaming. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is out there, sometimes, it comes with a side of concern or laugher. Either way, there’s no doubt that fat shaming happens everywhere - at home, at college, in school and at your workplace. Maybe not everyone you meet as an adult bullies you like in school, but on the other hand, people seem to think they know how you could get in shape, and that they have every right to tell you so, all the time.

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6 Celebs Who Embraced Their Fuller Figures

Body acceptance and self-esteem are closely related, and pop culture and fashion have conditioned people, over the years, to believe in one conventional idea of beauty.

When you’re constantly bombarded with the same imagery through your television, ads, films and media, it’s only natural to wonder why your body isn’t even of the type that you see everywhere. Not to mention the barrage of Photoshopped and airbrushed images doing the rounds on social media and magazine covers.

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